Nutrition Tracking & Management

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Tracking patient nutrition is a big challenge for healthcare providers. Failure to manage a patient's dietary needs results in longer hospital stays and worse clinical outcomes. We evaluated a new technology that enables tracking of nutrition consumption among hospital patients in the acute care setting. We interviewed dietitians, nurses, and hospital executives to get perspectives on unmet needs related to current hospital nutrition tracking and management. Our work helped us assess the benefits of a wearable nutrition tracker: More accurate real-time monitoring of food consumption, simplified workflow for operational staff, consistent data collection and analysis, and potential for more sophisticated data analytics. The result was a successful pilot program at a leading hospital network.

Teleradiology and Telehealth


Technology is enabling physicians to interpret medical images more accurately using AI / machine learning and to serve patients in remote locations via telemedicine. A private equity firm asked us to help with due diligence on an integrated provider of radiology and tele-radiology services. We interviewed radiologists, hospital executives and imaging center leaders to assess radiology market trends and growth areas. We synthesized data from multiple sources to identify key areas of opportunity. Our work supported a $50M investment.

Digital health tools for Chronic Illness

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As more Americans develop chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes, there's never been more urgent need for improved software-based tools to enhance patient care. Technology is essential for scaling healthcare services and combating rising costs. Yet healthcare systems face massive barriers to adopting new technology (e.g. data interoperability, misaligned incentives, lack of personal health records). We advised a leading healthcare network on the development of a new digital health platform to help physicians connect with patients more effectively. We evaluated trends and opportunities in electronic medical records (EMRs), AI and machine learning, mobile health and telemedicine, and patient portals. Our work resulted in the development of new digital tools serving a membership of over 60 million patients.

new approaches to Pain Management

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With over 25 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, there's an urgent need for non-addictive alternatives to opioids. We advised a leading pharmaceutical company on a turnaround strategy to address a decline in sales of narcotics and opioids for pain relief. We worked with management to develop a strategic plan to drive growth, streamline operations and improve profitability. Our work helped identify key value levers including R&D, inorganic growth, commercial growth strategies, and operational efficiency gains. We developed action plans, roadmaps, and a management resource plan for business transformation.

Software enabled Surgical Technology

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Orthopedic surgeons are using new technology to improve the accuracy and reliability of procedures on the knee, hip and spine. We helped a leading medical device maker develop a next-generation software-enabled orthopedic surgery platform to improve patient outcomes. We interviewed orthopedic surgeons & hospital executives in 10 countries to determine unmet needs, technology trends & purchasing considerations. We helped the client develop target product profiles for a surgical platform encompassing pre-operative planning, data & analytics, imaging, navigation, and surgical robotics. The work supported $100M+ of M&A investments.

Smart Medical Devices

A medical device company needed help evaluating a new drug infusion device for postoperative pain relief. We interviewed physicians, hospital executives & medical device manufacturers to assess unmet needs and market potential. We conducted a survey of 200 US healthcare professionals to develop perspective on the opportunity and create a market entry plan.